Things we will never do.

Things we will never do.

We like to experiment and try new things. However, there are some things we will never do. Here are a few:

Pedaltrain pedal boards will never be made of wood. Why? Sure, reclaimed lumber or veneered plywood looks first. But wood warps, twists, and buckles when exposed to the heat and moisture inherent in performance environments and touring travel. Ever played a festival in Orlando during rainy season? Ever had a drink spill on stage? Good luck with a wooden pedal board. It will be ruined. Besides, they weigh a ton.

Pedaltrain pedal boards will never be made from steel. Why? It is just too heavy and clumsy. Your pedal board should not weigh more than your pedals! Just ask any professional guitarist who does fly dates about how hard it is to get a pedal board and flight case under the 50 lbs. airline limit. You can’t. Unless it is a Pedaltrain. P.S. - steel rusts. Blech.

Pedaltrain pedal boards will never be covered in Tolex. Why? While it looks cool at first, eventually the glue fails and you end up with a ratty looking mess. And it adds weight. Moreover, you have to have a solid surface for the Tolex to adhere to, further weighing you down. And it’s wood under there, with all the inherent moisture problems mentioned above.

Pedaltrain pedal boards will never be made from plastic. Plastic is unreliable and has too much flex. It is also bad for our environment. And it is chintzy. Don’t be chintzy.

We don’t do lid-over cases. We get this question a lot. Experience has taught us that a case with a hinge is best. Why? If you’ve ever had a TSA agent or customs official accidentally unlock only one side and lift the lid, you know why. The “back side” hinges have just been destroyed. And you are now duct-taping your case together for the next 10 days of your European tour. C'est la vie!

We obsess over every detail of our pedal boards so you don’t have to. Pedaltrain pedal boards are supremely edited – everything you need, and nothing you don’t.  Pedaltrain pedal boards are built to last.